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Coil Grease – 50/50
June 27, 2017
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October 28, 2017

Rude Oil Concentrates


Rude Oil flavour concentrates are only to be used as part of the e-liquid product that is vaporised by electronic cigarettes. The concentrate has to be diluted with Propylene Glycol, and/or Vegetable Glycerine. The addition of a diluted nicotine base can be added if required. We recommend a 20% dilution ratio but please experiment and adjust to your own taste.

Our recommended steeping time for all DIY mixed e-juice is from 3 – 5 days. Please store in a safe and dark space, when steeping and not using.

Make sure that you always use protective clothing, spectacles and gloves when handling these, or any additional e-cig DIY products.

We hold no responsibility and take no liability for people decanting, re-bottling, reworking, or remixing any of our products. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before using these products.



The Rude Oil concentrates created by Cuts Ice, are made from a blend of natural, nature identical and extracted flavour parts. They combine cutting edge e-juice formulation and advanced steeping methods, which guarantee a very high quality end product every time.

Rude Oil concentrate is flavour in its purest form. Our concentrated premium quality vape juice essence is brewed by the Fuel Crew for the DIY connoisseur.

Layer it, bind it and mix it to make your own magic potion. Choose your own diluent ratio and specific nicotine level to personalise your vape.

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Coil Grease Concentrate
Truck Slop Concentrate

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Dirty Diesel, Kerosene Kandy, Coil Grease, Truck Slop



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