We have a NEW e-Liquid Mixing Calculator DIY E-JUICE MIXING CALCULATOR. (Opens in a new tab/page). It’s very, very simple to use.


The time has come for you to experiment in creating your very own flavours of e-liquid, maybe just to tweak one of your favourites or to put together a new flavour that you’ve imagined. This e-liquid calculator will give you the exact quantities of component liquids to use in this process, all you have to do is determine the balance of PG/VG/Nic/Dilutant/Flavour(s) that you want. You will get automatic corrections for wrong percentages and a pie chart representation of the final composition of your e-liquid to show the overall balance.

  • Nicotine Base

    Propylene Glycol %
    Vegetable Glycerine %
    Dilutant (Water/Alcohol) %
    Nicotine Strength mg/ml
    Flavour Base  

    Required Mix

    Quantity ml  
    Propylene Glycol % Auto
    Vegetable Glycerine % Auto
    Dilutant (Water/Alcohol) % Auto
    Required Nicotine Strength mg/ml
    Flavour 1 %
    Flavour 2 %
    Flavour 3 %
    Flavour 4 %
    Flavour 5 %
    Flavour 6 %
    Flavour 7 %

    Calculated Mixing Quantities

    Ingredient mls drops
    Nicotine Base
    Propylene glycol
    Vegetable glycerine
    Dilutant (Water/Alcohol)
    Flavour 1
    Flavour 2
    Flavour 3
    Flavour 4
    Flavour 5
    Flavour 6
    Flavour 7

    The number of drops is based on a drop quantity of 25 per 1ml of liquid. Drop size can vary for different dropping devices and liquid viscosities.

    We recommend that you check your intended liquids and dropper for drop-size consistency before committing to a given mixture provided by this calculator.

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