T-Juice e-liquids are all produced at their facility in Wembley, North West London, within three ISO 8 certified clean rooms. Cuts Ice is a BSI ISO 9001 accredited company and is constantly developing new quality systems and levels of traceability. They currently employ eight scientists, ranging from toxicologists to pharmacologists who create their products from the highest quality ingredients, which are all sourced in the EU or US.

the e-juice lab at T-Juice

All of their juices are also tested by an accredited UK trading standards laboratory who test for Ethylene glycol (CAS No 107-21-1) and diethylene glycol (Digol, CAS No 111-46-6) (detection limit 0.1% approximately). Diacetyl (CAS No 431-03-8), Acetoin (CAS 513-86-0) and Acetyl propionyl (CAS 600-14-6) (detection limits 0.01% approximately).

As it is reported, these compounds are not detected in their products, at strict 0.01% detection limits. Additionally, liquids are analysed for the presence of ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol. These two compounds are not detected in their products either (at 0.1% detection limits).

  • Over 96% of the flavour parts are sourced in the UK, and the remainder are from the EU and US
  • Made from the highest quality Pharma-grade Nicotine (comply with USP and EP specifications.)
  • Stringent batch control, ensuring accountable quality
  • Supplied in fully CHIP-compliant packaging and labelling
  • Prepared using highest quality, EU-sourced food flavourings
  • Specially formulated to be ultra-low in non-volatiles
  • Flavours adapted and made specifically for use in electronic cigarettes and personal vaporisers

An essential factor to make great e-liquid flavours is the maturing, or steeping process, as it better known by vapers. This is done by leaving the flavouring in different solvents, like propylene glycol, and or, vegetable glycerine for a specified period of time. This process is very similar to the ageing process used in wine, some wines benefit from being left for long periods, and some don’t. Flavours need time to develop and fully homogenise to make a complete end product.

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